Villages Football Association provides youth football and cheerleading opportunities to families in the World Golf Village area in St Augustine, FL.

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 Sat 01/30/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Field 1, Pacetti Bay 9:00a 10:00a  >6U Flag Football> Buccaneers Game Cowboys   KP 
10:00a 11:00a  >6U Flag Football> Falcons Game Bears   KP 
11:00a 12:00p  >6U Flag Football> Packers Game Jaguars   KP 
12:00p 1:00p  >6U Flag Football> Patriots Game Buccaneers   KP 
Field 2, Pacetti Bay 9:00a 10:00a  >8U Flag Football> Jaguars Game Broncos   KP 
10:00a 11:00a  >8U Flag Football> Rams Game Packers   KP 
11:00a 12:00p  >8U Flag Football> Broncos Game Steelers   KP 
12:00p 1:00p  >8U Flag Football> Jaguars Game Rams   KP 
Field 3, Pacetti Bay 9:00a 10:00a  >10U Flag Football> Giants Game Steelers   KP 
10:00a 11:00a  >10U Flag Football> Raiders Game Bengals   KP 
11:00a 12:00p  >10U Flag Football> Steelers Game Dolphins   KP 
12:00p 1:00p  >12U Flag Football> Cowboys Game Packers   SM 
1:00p 2:00p  >12U Flag Football> Dolphins Game Saints   KP