Villages Football Association provides youth football and cheerleading opportunities to families in the World Golf Village area in St Augustine, FL.

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Villages Cheerleading currently has a program that is well accomplished, highly competitive and extremely successful.

Villages Football Association Cheer Squads participate at home and away game day events as well as compete against fellow conference associations at our annual conference cheer competition. The top squads advance to
regional/national competitions.

We are proud of our cheer program and congratulate our Cheerleaders and Coaches for their accomplishments






14U (12U): Diamond Finale 1st Place

14U (12U): Diamond Jacksonville 1st Place Grand Champions

12U: FCDA 2nd Place 

12U: All Out 1st Place

12U: NFYCC Locals 2nd Place

8U: NYCC Locals 2nd Place

Tiny: Exhibition Team


10U: FCDA 3rd Place

10U: All Out 1st Place 

8U: All Out Jacksonville 1st Place




11U; All Out Championship 1st Place

9U; Locals 1st Place & All Out Championship 1st Place

Tiny's; All Out Championship 1st Place



9U/U11; Locals 2nd Place & FCDA 1st Place

Tiny Tots; Locals 1st Place & FCDA 3rd Place



11U; 1st place FCDA Kick-Off

        1st place FCDA Rec Championship 

        2nd place overall FCDA Rec Championship

6U: 3rd place FCDA Rec Championship



U11; 3rd place at Nationals


11U; 2nd place at Locals 

9U;  1st place at Locals    

6U;  3rd place at Locals


6U; 2nd place at Nationals


9U;  National Champions, Tampa Fl
        Finished first place locally    

6U; 2nd Place at Nationals
      3rd place at Locals


9U; Regional Champions
      2nd place at Nationals
      3rd place at Locals


11U;  3rd place at Locals
9U; 6th place Nationals
      3rd place at Regionals
      3rd place at Locals

Cheer practice is held at Palencia .

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