Villages Football Association provides youth football and cheerleading opportunities to families in the World Golf Village area in St Augustine, FL.

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2021 Villages Panthers Cheer Program Policies

Welcome to Villages Football Association Cheerleading Program. As a member of the program you automatically became a representative of it as well as the community. To ensure that you and the program are all represented in a positive manner, we have established the following guidelines in determining your conduct, achievement and performance. These policies have been designed to open and facilitate communication between the coaching staff and the teams. Participants that are signed up for the VFA Cheerleading program must be in agreement with the established guidelines before signing on as a participant. They must also adhere to these guidelines during their tenure in the season.

   Please remember ALL members of the Cheerleading Board and Coaching Staff are Volunteers

Cheerleaders understand that teamwork and the maintenance of discipline are main components to the success of the cheer program. Adherence to all rules and program regulations is vital to achieving these goals. All cheerleaders will realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves, in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire team and program, therefore, can result in disciplinary action.

    The well being of our cheerleaders and their families is of utmost concern to us. If you leave your children unattended at any practice or game, please note they will not have adult supervision from the staff of VFA. This does not apply to closed gym practices. Please remember that our staff cannot be responsible for your child before or after their practice time. Thank you for your consideration for both your child and our coaches.

School age children and teens: please practice respect. Participants are not to be socializing in a disruptive manner during the practice with other participants. Please come early or stay late to enjoy friends at the field.. Please honor your coach and fellow team members by giving full attention and cooperation.

Only cheerleaders who come to practice properly dressed will be allowed to participate in practice. Cheerleaders who fail to have the proper attire will be asked to sit and observe practice. It is recognized that these rules and regulations are necessary to maintain squad morale, discipline, and effective learning. Consistent enforcement of rules and regulations is also necessary to ensure the safety and general well being of each individual cheerleader.

Each head coach is responsible for choosing the best position for your child and other teammates. We understand that each child has a position they would prefer, however your child and teammates safety is our first priority. Please keep in mind coaches are doing what is best for the entire team and positions will not be changed by anyone except a certified coach. 



• All cheerleaders will attend ALL practices. Times will be set by the Association and coaches,

• All cheerleaders will cheer at ALL scheduled games. 

• All cheerleaders will cheer at ALL home games with NO exceptions. Cheerleaders will be performing during halftime. 

• All cheerleaders are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities throughout the season.



Cheerleaders are expected to be punctual. Arriving late to ANY mandatory cheer function will result in the following Consequences. Leaving early from practice will be treated the same as a tardy.

• 1 Tardy. No consequence

• 2 Tardy. No consequence

• 3 Tardy. Will be considered a 1/2 unexcused absence.

• 4+ Tardy. Will Count as a full unexcused absence along with sitting out of a game but must still be in full uniform.

Arriving past book check time to a game will be considered an unexcused absence. See below.



Failure to attend any mandatory cheer function (games, practices, etc.) will result in the following consequences. Please note that an unexcused absence from a practice may also result in removal from a routine or material learned during the missed practice,

• 1 Unexcused Absence: No consequence

• 2 Unexcused Absences: Written/Formal Warning

• More than 2 Unexcused Absences: Cheerleader will not be allowed to participate in City, Regional or National competition. Cheerleaders CANNOT miss any home  games. They will be able to finish the season up at our home and away games but they are not able to compete.. 

Examples of Excused Absences:

• Doctor’s note

• Family emergency verified by head coach or board member

Head coach or a board member will determine if an absence is considered excused. If there is a discrepancy between a parent and coach, the cheer director and assist cheer director will make the final decision.

“NOTE: Cheer is your priority. Work, medical/dental appointments (unless an emergency), vacations, birthdays and other school activities including, but not limited to dance, choir, clubs, academic teams etc. are not included in the exceptions list.**

Any cheerleader that resigns from the cheer team/program by themselves or by reasons stated above will be excluded from any further activities, will return all equipment and uniforms that are property or VFA immediately and may not be eligible for next year's season. Eligibility will be determined by the cheer director.



Arrive on time and display professionalism upon arrival. Remain in the cheering area during the game at all times in full uniform including hair. Execute cheers, chants and routines for the entire game. Control and lead the crowd through organized cheers and chants, When cheerleaders are not engaged in cheers, they will stand in uniform fashion, Pay strict attention to the game at all times. Do not socialize with each other, players or crowd during the game. This does not apply to half time, water, or restroom breaks. Display correct and acceptable leadership skills. You are athletes, act professionally.

Follow the coach's directions at games. Cell phone usage at games or events is not permitted. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Coaches.



• Arrive on time at designated location and display professionalism upon arrival.

• Remain in designated area for participants at all times in full uniform including hair.

• Execute cheers, chants and routines for the entire competition..

• Pay strict attention to the competition at all times.

• Do not socialize with each other, players or crowd during the performances including other squads.

• Display correct and acceptable leadership skills.

• You are athletes, act professionally.

• Follow the coach's directions..

• Cell phone usage at games or events is not permitted. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the coaches.

• All participants will remain for the entire competition. Participants will be released to parents once the awards ceremony has been completed.



Cheerleaders are representing our association and community. It is imperative that each Cheerleader display a high level of discipline, positive attitude and respectful behavior. You must always be willing to work and cooperate at both practices and games for it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the cheer program. Teamwork is the key to a great cheer squad! There will be communication between the parents, cheerleaders and coaches at all times. You are also VFA cheerleaders. There shall be no competition between squads.



• Each member is representing the association at ALL times and must carry him or herself in a professional manner.

• Disrespecting any member of the Coaching Staff or any other member of the Cheerleading team will result in disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal from the team.

• Vulgar language or suggestive gestures will NOT be tolerated, plus be sensitive to other ethnic backgrounds by showing respect - violations will result in disciplinary action.

• Dress clean, neat and in appropriate attire at all times (no suggestive clothing will be tolerated, men or women).

• School will be your number one priority, your second priority is Cheerleading.

If you are unable to follow the Code of Conduct or any other rule that has been set in place you will be removed from the Competitive Cheer Squad. If this happens you will only be able to cheer at our home and away games as a sideline cheerleader. 


• Coach or Directors will instruct participants what the attire will be for each event.

• Hairstyle and makeup are all part of uniform. The directors and head coach will determine the style for each event.

• No nail polish.



All practices are mandatory unless otherwise noted by the Head Coach. Proper attire is required for all practices. You must come to practice dressed and ready to start at the designated start time. Practices will be held 2-3 times a week. Based on team performances throughout the beginning of the season, practices will drop to twice a week. There may also be an additional weekly practice before or after book checks at our Saturday Home games.

If a member is going to be late or absent due to illness, they must notify the coaching staff at least 2 HOURS PRIOR to the start of practice,

• NO Cheerleader may leave a game or practice without permission from the coaching staff.



• You are to arrive to Games 30 minutes prior to the game for book checks and practice ready to begin. .

• Only skills that have been evaluated at practice will be allowed to be performed on the day of the game, skill assessments will be done by the coaching staff.

• No food, chewing gum, or jewelry will be allowed during practice, scheduled games, or events. Half time snacks will be provided. Parents will be asked to contribute at least once during the season.

• No excess talking/goofing off.

• Good sportsmanlike conduct at all times.



Villages Football Association requires that anyone representing the program (from coaches to parents and everyone in between) be respectful during practices, gamės and competitions,

if issues occur that are deemed unjust then it must be addressed in the appropriate manner.

Parents, Siblings and friends of cheerleaders are not permitted on the field during practices, games and competitions unless approved by the Cheer Director. Adults must be badged and background checked. Any and all issues are to be taken to the Team Parent. If she is unable or not able to resolve the issue please come to the Director or Assistant Cheer Director at any time. 

Changes in practice schedules, cancelled practices and other important information are relayed to the parents through email/text. Facebook will be updated frequently but not the primary use of communication. Please make sure we add you to our secret Facebook page, Villages 2021 Cheer Squad. Our Public page also has important details on it, Villages Football Cheer Squad. You may also find important information on the Association Facebook page at Villages Football Association

We use the Sports Illustrated app (SI) as one of our primary forms of communication throughout the season for football and cheer. 

    Parents should refrain from discussing negative issues amongst themselves. Things do not get resolved unless the issues are brought to the attention of your team mom, coach, or board member. Please do not discuss any issues in the presence of any of the cheerleaders. 

    Cheerleaders, parents, family members and friends are required to maintain appropriate conduct towards referees, players, coaches (VFA and opposing team), and each other. In short everyone! This includes but is not limited to: verbal and/or physical threats, being disrespectful, not displaying good sportsmanship and teamwork. This conduct must be adhered to during practices, games and competitions. Parents MUST be role models to the cheerleaders by displaying respect, consideration, tolerance, giving support, good sportsmanship and teamwork. (Personal issues between parents are to be left outside the Cheerleading activities).

   Any cheerleader, parent, family member and/or friend who are disruptive in any of the above stated manners or are in violation of the VFA Code of Conduct will be asked tỏ leave the event immediately.



Gym Fees: Parents will be required to pay additional gym fees if needed. Cheerleaders may be required to participate in two mandatory clinics that are not included in the registration cost. The price will be between $20-$30 per clinic. Some teams may choose to purchase additional items for their squads (i.e. pom-poms, knee-high socks, Breast Cancer Awareness items, hair-pieces, etc.). This is a decision made by Directors and Head Coaches. They will provide instructions accordingly, City Competition Tickets: More information to come.



   VFA encourages everyone to participate in the association fundraisers. Funds raised from these activities offset team expenses, significant operating expenses, equipement, and competition cost. No Fundraising means more out-of-pocket costs for you! 

   You will be required to fundraise for your cheerleaders extra expenses, such as competition fees, additional team fees, team party supplies, and items needed throughout the season. If you choose NOT to fundraise you will be required to pay the opt out amount per fundraiser which will be due at the end of each fundraiser. 

   A member of your family or friend will be required to work a minimum of 2 concession hours (unless you paid your $100 opt out fee during registration), possibly more depending on the team size. Cheerleaders get 100% of the profit from concessions during the tackle season. If you do not work your shifts you will forfeit your share of what the profit would be per each individual child at the end of the season. 

   A schedule will go out for concessions as soon as the football game schedule is released. Sign ups are first come first serve. After 24 hours of it being released we will do the lotto system to fill the shifts in. If you are unable to work your shift, please let your team mom know immediately. At this time you may try to swap with another family, or pay your opt out volunteer fee of $100 that was due at registration. Your team mom will need to know the arrangements immediately.


 Thank you for allowing your child to participate in Villages Football Association Cheer Program. We look forward to a great and successful season!




2021 VFA Cheer Program Policies

I have read and understand the 2020 Cheer Program Policy and agree to abide by the policies and procedures.·





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