Villages Football Association provides youth football and cheerleading opportunities to families in the World Golf Village area in St Augustine, FL.

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New for 2016!!

FSYFL Spring 8 on 8 tackle football tournament that takes place annually from Feb through May each year.  The FSYFL provides two tournaments Division 1 (Competitive) and Division 2 (Developmental).  6 games over a 6 week regular season along with a 4 week post season playoff format.  Either individual coaches and/or youth football organizations can enter their a single or multiple set of teams into the tournament. Any number of teams can be entered in any number of the divisions.  The FSYFL accepts youth football teams from all across the State of Florida from all types of leagues and associations regardless of affiliation. The FSYFL is NOT a league but a tournament that accepts team participation from any type of team.  Teams can enter the tournament under their own league names and/or different names.  The FSYFL is an independently operated organization that is unaffiliated with any other like eagues or programs.  The FSYFL has been in operation since 2008 and has over 220 teams from across the State of Florida.


This is a travel league and we will be traveling for the games.  For the most part, the regular season games will be in the Jacksonville/Palm Coast/Daytona Beach area.  Then when we progress further into the playoffs there will likely be slightly longer travel.  We will still be practicing locally though.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FSYFL certifies a players weight at the beginning of the season and then does not do any further weigh ins. 

Divisional Weights and Ages:

Tiny-Mite                    5 & 6yrs unlimited, 7yrs <80 lbs        

Mitey-Mite                  7 & 8yrs unlimited, 9yrs <95 lbs        

Pee Wee                      9 & 10yrs unlimited, 11yrs <105 lbs    

Super Midget              10 & 11yrs unlimited, 12yrs <120 lbs

Midget                        11 & 12 yrs unlimited, 13yrs <135 lbs

JR Varsity                   12 &13 yrs unlimited, 14yrs <200 lbs

Varsity                        13,14 & 15yrs All Unlimited weight

NOTE: Players may play in their designated divisions as well as up ONE division from their age group only.  i.e. a 10 year old may play on Peewee, Supers and Midgets but NOT on JV.

NOTE: There are NO minimum play rules in this league.


See for more details.

If you have further questions, please send an email to  .